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Do I need a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Know exactly how much home you can afford before you begin house hunting. Pre-approved mortgage financing saves you time and gives you real negotiating power when it comes time to writing an offer.

Getting pre-approved means completing a mortgage application before you go house hunting. With a pre-approval on a mortgage:

  • You can confidently shop for a home
  • You know how much you can spend
  • You know the interest rate
  • You know how much your monthly payments will be
  • You could be protected against interest rate fluctuations since your interest rate may be guaranteed for up to 120 days - if rates go down within these 120 days, your rate will automatically be lowered
  • You become a more attractive buyer and real estate client - the Realtor and seller know you're serious and it may put you in a better position against other homebuyers who are not pre- approved.

If you are looking for a pre-approved mortgage, it's important that you are making an educated decision with someone looking out for your best interest.  Call Patricia today for a free consultation and rate lock!.